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Something that has helped me is sea salts. I noticed that when I would spend time in the ocean, my boils would heal. So, I got some sea salt. I put some in a bath once a week. This seems to help them to dry up before they get to that unbearable stage.



I have a suggestion for treatment regarding smell. When you have several boils sometimes they have a strong pus smell. My doctor advised me to use vinegar and water. Use one cup of cold water and one cup of white distilled vinegar (don't use any other kind). Mix the water and vinegar in a bowl. Soak a washcloth in the mix a place the washcloth on the affected area. Repeat until you have covered all effected areas. Because of the vinegar you will feel a stinging sensation. You should do vinegar soaks twice to three times a day until the smell is under control.



I tried rubbing oil of oregano on the boils as soon as I felt them surfacing. The oil kept the boils from developing and there was no infection. The boils were only mildly uncomfortable and were gone within 24 -48 hours.

For more information, see the article "Oil Of Oregano: Good For What Bugs You"



Here are three old wives remedies:

  • the inside of a red skinned or white skinned potato held to the infected area will act as a drawing salve (you can actually feel it)
  • the inside of an egg shell (this I haven't tried but I know some who have)
  • and a piece of salt pork (the boiling seasoning meat) this I am told will really draw and burn)



    My father used to use shavings from a bar of lye soap and work in some sugar(no liquid used) and tape it over boils it usually drew the pus out overnight, I tried it myself when I got a piece of glass in my foot and it got infected, it drew the infection and the glass out. If you got a burning feeling you knew it was working.



    When a new boil appears as a small pimple with a small head with pus (painful and very itchy, unlike acne), I started treating those "little pimples" simply by applying Fucidin 2% immediately as soon as I detected one and I would put a band aid over it. And left it on for 24 hours. I repeated the same treatment twice a day and in only 24 hours it was gone!!! The secret is applying Fucidin 2% as soon as you detect them, and do not wait one day or so, because then the boils starts growing inwards, whether if you treat it on the surface of the skin you will kill the infection. Fucidin 2% does not cure the boils after they have grown in the skin for days, but it prevents it from growing and kills the infection but it only works when it is detected the first day they appear. I'm not a doctor and I do not how it really works, but after several months, of doing this the boils stopped re-appearing, and since then I'm boil free, me and my family are finally boil free.



    What I do when I get a boil is to mix a solution of rubbing alcohol with a few drops of tea tree oil and rosemary in a small squirt bottle. I apply it with a cotton ball and when it has dried I apply a tea tree and vitamin E combination lotion. Of course it is a must for me to have a warm bath twice a day when I have an eruption and make sure I have the affected area immersed for at least twenty minutes. For particularly nasty boils or ones that are close to bursting I apply a hot tea bag for about 30 minutes twice a day, as well.



    Questionable treatment? One Doctor said "Put Neosporin in your nose twice a day for 30 days and you will get rid of these for good." I'm sure the look on my face said it all. I thought he was nuts. According to this Doc the Center for Infectious Disease did a study and for those of us colonized with staph infection this would clear it up. I am still skeptical, but willing to try. Perhaps it will help someone else.



    One product that I have used is draw out salve, only found at Eckerd drugs (Eckerd's brand) similar to Boil-Ease.



    Buy cans of Dermoplast (antibacterial spray) and spray it on. I use it specifically for under my arms. It does alleviate the pain somewhat. It's not the greatest smelling thing, but it beats the smell of continuous drainage!! I use it every day after the shower and so far it has worked for me.



    Every time I feel a boil coming in I immediately begin to apply Witch Hazel to it twice daily, and I have found that this helps prevent them from fully developing. It also helps with the pain, too.



    I've tried Ichthammol 10% ointment, usp and it has helped.



    Well, here's the stuff I use I didn't see on your site; Tendskin at It has many uses. Manly I got it for ingrown hair problems in my armpits and panty line , and it has helped. But it does sting a lot! They have come out with deodorant and other new uses. My scarring has basically stopped. And I have no new eruptions under my armpits. Please try to list it on your site because it's helped me a great deal.



    We can't get "boil eze" in NZ, but I looked at the ingredients and they seemed familiar...then it came to me...Vicks vaporub...I used it and it worked to bring the boil to a head quickly.



    I heard that bacon fat helps. I tried it once and it brought the boil to a head. I place a piece of bacon fat on my back taped it up with gauze and tape over night and in the morning it came to a head.




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